Jojoba Oil – Benefits

“High-quality oil suitable for any form of external use”

Jojoba oil is extracted from the seed of the jojoba plant, which is grown in Kibbutz Hatzerim in the Negev desert.

The jojoba seeds undergo a process of cold extraction, which preserves the oil’s unique characteristics.

The molecular composition of jojoba oil is almost 100% identical to that of sebum (a substance that is secreted by the skin and helps protect it). This makes it best suitable for human skin. As such, jojoba oil is absorbed quickly and easily without leaving an oily sensation on the skin.

Moreover, the oil’s deep penetration ability allows it to take other active ingredients with it into the deeper layers of the skin. This is the reason why every cosmetic company in the world adds it to their products. Jojoba oil is basically an enhancer for any cosmetic product!

Jojoba oil contains high concentrations of Omega 9 and Vitamin E, which are essential for skin preservation and regeneration.

Jojoba oil is extremely shelf-stable. According to the Israeli Ministry of Health’s standard, it can be preserved for up to 3 years and does not require any special storage conditions.

The combination of quick and deep penetration into the skin, high concentrations of Vitamin E and Omega 9, and high shelf-stability make jojoba oil an essential component of every cosmetic product and a must-have in every home.

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