Treat Package

Holiday packages for Rosh Hashanah 2023

Treat Package

A pampering box of Jojoba Hatzerim for Rosh Hashanah

517.00 410.00

NEW Rosh Hashanah Package
The package includes:
Jojoba face cream, jojoba body butter, jojoba clay soap, jojoba salt soap, hemp jojoba serum and a bottle of pure jojoba oil 250 ml. At a price of NIS 410 instead of NIS 517

The Hatzerim jojoba oil is 100% pure oil cold-extracted from jojoba seeds.

The Hatzerim jojoba oil is highly shelf-stable and can be preserved for use for up to 3 years.

The Hatzerim jojoba oil meets the world’s highest standards of quality and has been approved by Israel’s Ministry of Health.

The Hatzerim jojoba oil is 100% local, produced by farmers from the Negev desert.

The Hatzerim jojoba oil is not tested on animals!

The oil is hypoallergenic and suitable for any person of any age and for any kind of external use.

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