Female Camel milk soap

“A high-quality local agricultural product”

Female Camel milk soap

Our soaps are produced from the best that the desert has to offer, and all based on the quality jojoba oil produced here in the Negev, in the premises.


The milk of naks has been feeding desert companies for thousands of years. It is told of camel herdsmen who spent weeks in the desert when fed only because it is richer than cattle milk. Its unique features are also reflected in the cosmetics world.

Naked milk contains proteins with potential for antimicrobial activity and enhances the body's defense system. Unlike cattle milk, milk milk does not contain beta lactoglobulin, a protein that is responsible for a number of allergic effects. Naked milk contains essential fatty acids - Omega 3 and Omega 6, but does not contain saturated lactic acids. Its vitamin content is also very high, it is saturated with vitamin B and contains 3 times more vitamin C than beef, and 10 times more iron (and very rich in other minerals).

The concentration of vitamins, omega 3 and 6 acids and other ingredients helps to maintain the skin and especially in the treatment of damaged skin.
The naks, the desert ship, which produce the milk under harsh conditions produce very rich milk. It has everything it needs, with nothing superfluous.

The jojoba oil, the main component of soaps, is produced at Kibbutz Hatzerim in Israel's most advanced extraction institute and meets the highest quality standards in the world. Of course also approved by the Ministry of Health. Our soaps are part of a local, 100% blue and white creation.

The soaps of the premises have not been tested on animals, they are hypoallergenic and adapt to any person, any age and any external use of the skin.

Our soaps are not only healthy, they also smell great, feel great on the skin and make it feel just wonderful.

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