Jojoba oil for nails

The jojoba oil is exactly what you need

Tired of your hands being dry? Looking for oil for the skin around the nails? The jojoba oil from "Jojoba Yards" is exactly what you need. Nourishing oil for nails, which will help you maintain their health, is produced entirely in blue and white production and at the highest level. sounds interesting? Wait to hear about our shipping service.

The benefits of jojoba

The jojoba plant is a small shrub that originates in the deserts of the Americas. It reaches a height of 1-2 meters and is decorated with greenish-yellow flowers and oval leaves measuring 2-4 cm. Jojoba oil is an oil extracted from the seeds of the plant in a cold pressing process that preserves the wonderful properties of the seed.
High suitability for human skin - absorbed easily and without leaving an oily feeling.
Vitamin E and omega 9 - in oil a high concentration of these components which are essential for the maintenance and regeneration of skin cells.
Preserved over time - the oil has a high self-preservation ability and unlike other oils it retains its properties for at least three years.
The combination of these things has stabilized the jojoba oil as one of the most useful, effective and efficient nourishing oils.

How to use

The use of jojoba oil is possible and beneficial in almost all parts of the body. Applying the oil on the skin around the nail will ensure that it nourishes the problematic part of the skin, reduces the dryness created mainly during the transition periods and will give your hands a young and healthy look. How to use jojoba preparations is quite simple, it can be used daily, with no age or quantity limit. All you have to do is apply a little of the oil on the desired spot, rub and bring to its rapid absorption.

Yard nail polish

Kibbutz Hatzerim started growing jojoba plants back in 1990, the combination of the desert climate and the vast knowledge of the kibbutz's farmers helped us become one of the world's leading companies for growing jojoba plants. Our unique growing methods together with experienced professionals led Kibbutz Hatzerim to a market share of about 30% of the global jojoba market. Our oil is produced entirely in Israel, out of a belief in the importance of Hebrew labor, and while maintaining a high level of product and uncompromising quality.

Online ordering

Our range of oils is available for you to purchase directly online and for fast delivery to you. On the site you will find our complete product catalog, a simple ordering system, a secure payment mechanism, a clear return policy and affordable prices. At each stage of the online purchase you can contact our service representatives and we will be happy to advise, guide and assist you in completing the purchase successfully. For a call with a Erez call: 052-501-6519