Jojoba Body Peeling - 250 g

“A high-quality local agricultural product”

Jojoba Body Peeling - 250 g

Jojoba Body Peeling helps remove dead skin layer, expose new skin cells, nourish the skin and gives the skin a fresh, fresh look.


Jojoba Body Peeling is a unique vehicle product that helps remove dead skin layer and expose new skin cells.

Besides our pure jojoba oil which is excellent for the body we also added olive oil, pomegranate extract, honey, propolis extract, apricot granules and everything wrapped in perfect fragrance.

But we have a secret ...
The peels that are inside are also jojoba. In a very special process, they take the oil and make it into granules called "hands". These pads help to peel the dead skin and nourish the skin with all the good jojoba oil can give.

The recommended use of the product is once a day while washing

The Hatzerim jojoba oil is highly shelf-stable and can be preserved for use for up to 3 years.

The Hatzerim jojoba oil meets the world’s highest standards of quality and has been approved by Israel’s Ministry of Health.

- The Hatzerim jojoba oil is 100% local, produced by farmers from the Negev desert.

- The Hatzerim jojoba oil is not tested on animals!

The oil is hypoallergenic and suitable for any person of any age and for any kind of external use.

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