Pure Jojoba oil & Hair

Pure Jojoba oil and connection to hair

1. Pure jojoba oil helps to treat dry and damaged scalp skin

The high concentration of vitamin E and omega-9 rejuvenates skin cells.
It is recommended to mix the jojoba oil with the shampoo in every wash. (A ratio of about 5%)
It is recommended to do scalp massage with a few drops of pure jojoba oil.

2. Jojoba oil returns shine to hair!
In order to restore shine to the hair, it is recommended to apply the oil when the hair is dry.
pay attention ! When the oil is applied to dry hair, it reduces the volume and arranges curls.

3. Jojoba oil is absolutely safe to use after natural skating!
Do not use jojoba oil after chemical smoothing.
The chemical parts are not healthy for the hair and are not recommended.

4. Pure jojoba oil can delay dropouts!
Pure jojoba oil strengthens the scalp and the "hair shaft" thus inhibiting dropout processes.

5. Pure jojoba oil can help reduce static electricity in the elderly!
In order to reduce the static electricity in the elderly, it is mainly necessary to keep the beard from being dry. Pure jojoba oil keeps the moisture moist.
Important tip! Try not to play with the old man too much This friction increases static electricity.
Spread a few drops of oil, combs and leave him alone.

6. Pure jojoba oil helps to calm the scratching of the beard!
The phenomenon of scratching and redness is mainly due to dehydration. We put the old man in a few drops of oil and felt relief immediately.

7. Excellent jojoba oil for shave!
Pure jojoba oil replaces shaving foam. Soothes and softens the skin.
A few drops of oil on the skin and transfer the knife.
It is recommended to use pure jojoba oil even after shave as an alternative to after shave.

8. Pure jojoba oil increases the action of shampoo and hair cream!
The unique molecular structure of Jojoba oil gives it the best absorption capacity. The intake of a few drops of oil for shampoo or cream will increase their activity.

Do you suffer from seborrhea in the skin? Jojoba oil is an excellent solution.
Pure jojoba oil nourishes the skin with moisture, relieves dryness and itching and soothes red skin.

10. Unfortunately, jojoba oil does not grow hair (: